Public Sector

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Planned expenditure


+ Building Mauritius Plan

Energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Increase power generation and efficiency through liberalisation of electricity sale, investments in renewable energy sources and launch of Energy Efficiency campaign
  • Introduction of technology to monitor water supply system in Mare-Aux-Vacoas

Setting direction for a new pillar of the economy   

  • Exploit the rapid growth in travel between Asia and Africa by making a passenger hub, a cargo hub, regional training centre for aviation personnel and for repairs

Building on existing capability

  • Future investments include extension of the quay, deepening of the navigation channel, construction of the cruise terminal building and access road at Fort William

Reducing traffic congestion

  • Opening of Terre Rouge-Verdun and Verdun-Trianon links
  • Private partnership with respect to new road infrastructure projects going forward
  • Subsidise acquisition of up to 200 buses per year through Bus Replacement Mechanism

Going ahead with supplier selection

  • The Singapore Cooperation Enterprise is providing advisory services to prepare the project

Liberalisation of petroleum products for import and re-export

  • Aim to triple the bunkering traffic by allowing operators other than STC to import petroleum products
  • Plan to re-export automotive fuel and gas oil to the region.

+ New economic frontiers

Ocean economy

  • Setting up a task force for the implementation of the Roadmap on Ocean Economy. Priority to develop a Petroleum & Minerals Exploration & Extraction Framework Agreement, including identification of:
    • Petroleum & Mineral Exploration;
    • Seafood and Aquaculture;
    • Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA);
    • Marine Renewable Energies; and
    • Ocean Knowledge.

Expanding Africa strategy

  • Providing additional support to Mauritian enterprises doing business in Africa and strengthening the role of Government in their venture.
  • Setting up of the Mauritius-Africa Fund with a budget of Rs500million over 5 years and with 2 main objectives, namely participating in equity financing of businesses investing in any African country (a cap of 10% of share capital) and providing fee paying consultancy services on the African continent to Government and Public Sector entities in fields where our country has a competitive advantage.
  • Supporting enterprises exporting to Africa through government subsidies of 25% of the freight cost on containers exported to all countries in Africa (except South Africa and Madagascar), and of 50% on the cost of Credit Guarantee Insurance for exports to Africa.

Gateway to Africa

  • Plan for six high level conferences in focal African cities by the Board of Investment (BOI) across the continent in 2014 to increase networking with area experts, local businesses and Mauritian service providers and build up economic cooperation.
  • BOI to  host an annual conference in June 2014 bringing together Chief Executive Officers  of all Investment Promotion Agencies in Africa in order to share experience, encourage best practices and increase networking.   
  • The Africa Center of Excellence to  develop a placement programme of Mauritian talents on the continent.

Green economy  

  • Introduction of a Biomass Development Scheme under the Maurice Ile Durable Fund to provide incentives for production of sources of biomass energy, namely the cultivation of Arundo Donax, a substitute for coal.
  • Removal of VAT on photovoltaic panels, bringing the cost down by 15%.
  • Rs6 bn for implementation of Maurice Ile Durable related projects.

+ Education

Primary & Secondary

  • Phasing out of the Certificate of Primary Education to be replaced by a nine-year school.
  • Rs130m targeted for the Hot Meal Programme from the 2nd term 2014.
  • Implementation of a new HSC Pro- qualification to enhance preparedness of our students for world of work in ICT as a start to be followed by tourism, agro-industry, sports and business sectors.
  • Funds to be provided for 8 existing secondary schools to promote Specialised Language schools whilst also offering full normal classes.  
  • Usage of school premises after hours to conduct a wide range of adult education classes.
  • Eight additional National Scholarships for ICT sector.

“CPE exams will soon be a thing of the past”


  • MQA will now fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology.
  • Rs 225m earmarked for the construction of three modern campuses in 2014.
  • Recruitment of 30 experienced international lecturers, who will be posted in participating state universities to push the frontiers of knowledge.
  • Independent Rating System  for our faculties with a view to  promote transparency and fairness.
  • Rs228m will be provided over the next five years for the setting up an IIT Delhi Research Academy, in collaboration with the University of Mauritius.
  • Setting up of a National Research and Innovation Advisory Committee to foster innovation and will count among its members Nobel Prize laureates and nominees
  • Rs 275m targeted for the Youth Employment Programme (YEP).
  • Rs 100m for a new “Back to Work” Programme for women to address gender gap employability.

+ Health & Natural Disaster Resilience


  • Introducing a new scheme of family doctors.
  • Planning to have a cohort of 40 specialist doctors in Primary Health Care.
  • Recruitment of 4 diabetologists.
  • Preventive care with a view to spot early detection and diagnosis of cancer.
  • Rs615m targeted to upgrade existing infrastructure including the construction of 3 mediclinics and 2 Community Health Centres.
  • Recruitment of specialist doctors and other health care assistants to enhance patient care.
  • Strengthening of the scheme to assist patients inoperable in Mauritius.

Natural disaster resilience

  • Rs35m to be invested in  IT based early warning and emergency alert system.
  • Operation of a fully staffed National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre.
  • Setting up of a Land Drainage Agency to take over responsibility for the construction, cleaning and maintenance of the drainage systems across the country.
  • Rs30m to be invested for landslide works in Chitrakoot and Vallée Pitot, and for relocating families from Quatre Soeurs