Internal Audit

Internal Audit Services – Beyond assurance

Internal Audit is more than an enterprise-wide engine of assurance, as critical as that is. Done right, it’s also a catalyst for creating value for your business.

A strong, strategic Internal Audit framework integrates compliance, controls and sophisticated risk management with your mission, vision, and stakeholder expectations. It can help you shape a new governance and risk paradigm — anticipating issues, increasing your effectiveness, eliminating duplication, and identifying areas of potential performance improvement.

We offer flexible, scalable, sophisticated solutions to address your unique needs: whether the business has grown rapidly and needs better governance; or a regulated company wishing to convert its internal audit function from an inspection team to a business process enhancement tool; or there is an immediate need for skilled resources to deal with an urgent or specialised matter.

Do you need internal audit resources?

We offer an array of flexible outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions, from selected co-sourcing of technical, industry-specific capabilities to full outsourcing of your internal audit function:
  • Full outsourcing: We act as your own internal audit department by providing an internal audit team that fully caters for your internal audit needs.
  • Partial/co-sourcing: This is similar to full outsourcing, with the difference that we work alongside your internal audit team, providing specialist resources or ad-hoc input when needed. Specialists resources would typically include IT specialists, industry experts and forensic investigators. Our service offering in this regard includes the performance of risk assessments, controls health checks and investigations.
  • Advisory sourcing: We also provide consultancy to already existing internal audit departments, or otherwise towards the setting up of a new internal audit department. Such consultancy work includes assistance in the work methods to be adopted and may also include a review of the effectiveness of an existing internal audit function.

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your internal audit function?

We have a range of internal audit performance improvement services, including technology, risk assessments, training, process and organisational reengineering, revenue assurance, benchmarking and quality assurance reviews.

Risk Assurance

Building business resilience through integrated risk management

How confident are you in your ability to steer your organisation through a turbulent climate? How confident are you in being able to achieve future growth?

It’s hard to know what’s around the corner. But it helps to have a trusted advisor who can help you make sure you are ship-shape. And who has the experience to help you navigate the unknown.

At PwC, we approach your processes, policies, systems and controls with a fresh outlook, and the latest standards and tools. Whether it’s leveraging efficiencies, improving your governance practices, updating your controls, or minimising the impact of regulatory and business uncertainty, we can help you anticipate and address your risks – including ones you may not have thought of.

PwC’s Risk Assurance Services professionals deliver a portfolio of interrelated solutions that can help you have the confidence you need to make the right business decisions for your business.

Truly understanding your risks — not just controlling them, but strategically managing them — is key to business resilience, and confidence.

We can help you with:
  • Risk Assessment - Helping you build a more risk-resilient businesses through better identification, measurement, and elimination of risk.
  • Business Controls Advisory - Designing, implementing, testing and optimising internal controls environments — and providing advice and analysis to help you improve the return on your investment.
  • Performance Assurance - Helping build commercial advantage through reliable processes and trusted information. An effective mechanism to ensure value for money in expenditure and maximising revenues in a dynamic, competitive market.
  • Risk Measurement - Risk management without monitoring is at best unreliable. Setting up a process for measuring and monitoring key risks is a vital step towards predictable business performance.
  • Internal Audit Services - Helping you identify and manage enterprise risks, both seen and unseen, with confidence. (linked with the internal audit sub-section)