Forensic Services

Fraud, corruption and other economic crime, particularly where the integrity of senior management has been called into question, requires a thorough, professional and independent approach. You and affected parties will require the reassurance of an effective response that is supported by a combination of forensic accounting and investigative skills to make well-informed decisions, whether in the boardroom or in the courtroom.

Our team can help you anticipate fraud and prevent a crisis or be by your side to find out what really is happening when you suspect the worst. Our forensic experts can support you in investigating, analysing and resolving a potential crisis as well as preventing a bigger one.

PwC Malta’s Forensic Services practice offers a full spectrum of forensic solutions, ranging from fraud prevention and detection management to post-incident investigative services and remedial activities. We have a local team of well-established experts with diverse industry backgrounds, including forensic accountants, lawyers, forensic technology experts and research specialists. We have access to a global PwC network of forensic specialists in a range of areas, with more than 1,400 experts in over 150 countries worldwide.

Potential issues you may be facing

  • Your organisation has suffered asset misappropriation in any form, including theft of cash or other assets, procurement fraud, expense or payroll fraud, loan fraud, diversion of revenues, etc.
  • You need to respond to bribery and corruption claims
  • There is a suspicion of accounting fraud or manipulation
  • There are concerns about the adequacy or effectiveness of anti-fraud programmes and controls
  • You suspect there are breaches of ethics, conflicts of interest and other forms of management and employee impropriety within your organisation


How can we help you

All too often fraud is discovered too late. In some cases, its damage is irreversible. Managers should never take the entity’s security for granted. Compliance with regulatory requirements is not enough, and internal controls, susceptible to collusion within the organisation, can be circumvented, creating further vulnerabilities.

PwC Forensic Services can help address such threats to keep fraud in check.

  • Fraud risk management
    We help to identify and assess the main risks for financial crime related to your business and to establish and implement systems and procedures for managing these risks. We can conduct fraud risk vulnerability assessments, assist in the establishment of an effective anti-fraud programme, as well as test existing anti-fraud programmes and controls.
  • Investigations
    If there is a suspicion or allegation (including whistle-blower claims), that financial irregularities have occurred within your organisation, we can help you investigate the nature and extent of the suspected fraud or irregularity, how it occurred and who was responsible. We have experience in conducting diverse investigations that are not only financial in nature, such as investigations into conflicts of interest or regulatory investigations.
  • Dispute analysis
    Our multi-disciplinary team can support you in cases of dispute, including assistance with the analysis and valuation of claims, expert witness testimony in court proceedings, and even acting as arbitrator or as mediator/facilitator in situations of conflict.
  • Forensic technology solutions
    We can help you using specialist skills and tools for the acquisition and analysis of electronic data to obtain electronic evidence, analysis of contents of computer hard drives and e-mail boxes, recovery of deleted files and security credentials, mobile device content analysis, analysis of data sets (e.g. financial and ERP systems) for the detection of suspicious transactions and investigation of other computer-related incidents (such as unauthorized access to networks or threats via e-mail). Information security attacks on corporate IT systems continue to increase, resulting in stolen financial information or intellectual property and serious damage to business. It is crucial that these threats are detected early on and prevented where possible. This requires in-depth analysis of electronic information and technical expertise.
  • Regulatory compliance
    We can help your organisation deal with regulatory aspects, particularly in terms of regulations dealing with fraud and corruption. We can advise on the adequacy of your organisation’s Anti-Money Laundering; Anti-Bribery and Whistleblowing procedures, as well as provide assistance in dealings with the regulator in the event that the regulator instigates an investigation.