PwC's Academy - A Certified Microsoft Learning Partner

    PwC's Academy offers a number of Microsoft courses for anyone wishing to begin a career or enhance their skills in IT development or IT Infrastructure.

    As a learning partner one could make use of Software Assurance Training vouchers (SATV) which are given by Microsoft. This can save on a company's training budget as these can be converted into training days.

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      PwC's Academy

    PwC's Academy is a training and development concept created by PwC for all those who wish to keep up-to-date with current professional developments and modern practices.

    PwC's Academy is the platform through which PwC channels its long-standing commitment towards promoting technical expertise and professional development. It aims to be the vehicle through which individuals acquire the skills and aptitudes they need to build rewarding careers and realise their full potential.  PwC’s Academy offers a varied training programme that includes a mix of technical, business and IT skills. Sessions go beyond theory and aim to be as practical and business-oriented as possible. The Academy also seeks to transform its expertise into dedicated training projects by providing in-house solutions driven by client needs and by providing industry-focused training sessions. The Academy’s target audience includes, but is not limited to, accounting, tax and auditing practitioners. With its suite of business and IT courses, the Academy caters for professionals from all other sectors.  In 2014, PwC was licenced by the NCFHE as a Higher Education Institution (Licence No: 2007-TC-004).

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