Strategy and Growth

When your strategic view is measured in fiscal years… as well as generations

As a family-owned business you have the same concerns as purely public companies—strategic planning, finance, tax,  operational effectiveness, compliance, competition, people management, technology and infrastructure, and of course, growth.  But you have an additional layer of concerns as well. Your business strategy must also embed the unique needs of the family—including succession and financial planning, long-term stewardship, tax structuring, and legal matters.

Determining the optimal strategy isn’t easy, but with the right advisor to help you make the right choices, you can transform your business vision into reality.

The 360-degree approach to strategy and growth 

We have extensive capabilities, resources and people dedicated to helping family businesses like yours assess (and reassess) their operations and potential for growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.  Our advisors can help you develop—and implement—sophisticated strategies that are optimised for your unique business and family. We use creative analysis and rigorous tools to ground our insights, and generate key initiatives to measure and identify any areas needing adjustment as your strategy rolls out.
Embedded in all our services is an understanding of the powerful role innovation plays in a growth strategy. We help our clients structure and allocate their limited resources to deliver a profitable return on investment. 

Wherever you may be doing business, and whatever business you may be doing, PwC’s family business services professionals understand the unique dynamics and needs of the family enterprise. 

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals.