Public sector

What's happening?

In today’s world, government and public sector organisations continue to experience unprecedented change. In the local context, the public sector operates within an environment that is characterised by:

  • Increasing pressure as the country’s key industries seek to sustain their competitive position in light of the global economic downturn
  • Tightening budgets driven by the need to deliver more with less resources
  • More stringent requirements to comply with EU legislation and directives
  • An ongoing Public Sector Reform intended to introduce efficient and effective e-Gov services
  • The need to invest further in key infrastructure such as energy, roads, waste management and other general economic services
  • Global climate change and the need to invest in more environmentally friendly initiatives
  • The challenge to maximise the drawdown of EU funds through the successful realisation of EU funded programmes and underlying projects

PwC's public sector practice works with a broad range of public sector organisations. Our team’s comprehensive range of experience and skills gives us valuable insight into the unique challenges faced by public sector leaders at all levels – insight that allows us to effectively improve the performance and enhance the accountability of government organisations.

How can PwC help

  • Responding to taxpayer and consumer pressure for greater efficiency, economy and effectiveness in service delivery and improved performance
  • Responding to democratic pressure for greater transparency, disclosure and accountability
  • Managing increasing systemic fiscal pressures and the expanding risk profiles of government and public sector organizations
  • Understanding and implementing new government and public sector accounting and financial management guidelines, policies and practices
  • Managing and making large-scale investments in infrastructure and operations
  • Planning, managing and evaluating national and EU funded programmes and projects


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