Manufacturing and foreign direct investment

The manufacturing sector in Malta has and is still going through a very tough period. The global recession has also struck our shores.

Having said this, it is time for all businesses especially the manufacturing sector to take stock of how one operates. How efficient is the machinery, what procedures can one do to improve efficiency, quality, delivery aspects, etc. All these questions should be raised before one decides to throw in the towel. It is time to restructure.

This is where PwC come in. This is where, with our global network of experts, we can help a business re-invent itself. Our partners overseas have been involved with this assistance ever since the recession started creeping in, assisting many companies to stay afloat and even become stronger and better. Therefore together we can make a success of what at the moment might look bad.  

We can provide professional advice on:

  • Capital structuring and cost of capital
  • Downsizing and carve outs
  • Employee benefits and compensation programs
  • Financial function and IT effectiveness
  • Location planning
  • Offshoring and global supply chain
  • Outsourcing
  • Taxes

The above are a few ways of carrying out a restructuring exercise.