Our Performance

Resource Management (overheads)

As part of our efforts, we are committed to improve our environmental performance with regards to all types of resources used in the day-to-day running of our operations. Recent initiatives include the following:
  • continuation of our paperless office project, including a reform of our archiving practices and revised internal procedures to significantly cut down on the printing of documents
  • a number of measures to foster the paperless mentality also with our clients for example issuing electronic debtor statements and using double-sided printing for client deliverables
  • introduced electronic payslips in line with the firm’s commitment to significantly reduce paper usage
  • introduced recycling of paper and laptops as two of our main consumables
  • introduced tele-conferencing and online meeting facilities to reduce unnecessary travel
  • extended the use of double-sided printing to include all client deliverables as well as financial statements besides documents for internal use
  • purchase of chlorine free paper
  • giving preference to green procurement in sourcing our consumables. For example, we purchased cold air hair driers as a more energy efficient substitute to paper towels