Women at PwC: Read, watch and listen

Why women mean business: Understanding the emergence of our next economic revolution

PwC was proud to sponsor the 2008 UK, Canadian and American launches of Why women mean business, the groundbreaking book which takes the arguments for economic change to the heart of the corporate world. Endorsed by former global CEO Sam DiPiazza, the book urges companies to optimise women's talents in order to boost business performance. Download a sample chapter and learn more about Why Women Mean Business in the 21st century.

Enablers, barriers, responses

Launched at the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in October 2007, this publication looks at the economic barriers and enablers which impact women in the workplace and offers perspectives and insights from working women in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

2008 Eurofirms' Women in PwC Annual Report: Diversity in action

Released in April 2008, this Annual Report looks at the diversity activities and achievements of PwC’s 20 European firms. The report includes the thoughts of some of our clients on diversity and the stories of a few of our female leaders about their personal journeys.