Valuation & Strategy

The fundamental goal of any business is to maximize the value of the equity capital invested into it. Ultimately, the starting point for all business decisions should be value and the impact on value that a business decision may have. Our dedicated Valuation and Strategy Group assists clients in making key decisions in a number of contexts, including:


Valuation and pricing of business, assets and intellectual property for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint venture and strategic partnerships.


  • Estimation of selling/acquisition price of business
  • Contribution to authorized capital in non-monetary form


Valuation of businesses, equity, debt and financial derivatives for regulatory and tax filings and restructuring plans.


  • Valuation for tax purposes
  • Preparation of financial statements (including estimation of fair value and assets impairment testing)

We help our clients to understand the value of their business decisions. There is a wide variety of situations in real life where different valuation bases should be applied. Types of valuation include the following:

  • Business valuation
  • Valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets
  • Valuation of property
  • Valuation for the purposes of preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS