Managerial Skills Development

As result of the recent cooperation agreement between The Training Centre of Macedonian Stock Exchange and The PwC Academy, we present the following training:

Self-management, management and corporate management
3 December 2014

  What is the purpose of this training?
Daily challenges for managers become bigger and becomes much harder to find the right answer and solution to the various questions and problems.

Who is it for?
We welcome all current and future managers, all who want to upgrade their knowledge in order to improve their managerial skills.

How can we help you?
Our goal is through this training to open the window towards practical answers of the following questions:
  • Where am I wrong, how can I help myself, and how am I impeding the achievement of the objectives? (self-management)
  • How to complete everything in such a short period? (prioritization, delegation)
  • How to manage a team properly? - to be a "boss", yet a friend
  • What can be learned from corporate business? - ... our "local" management is also “proper"!

Who are the tutors?

Peter Lazarov author, consultant for marketing/branding, sales, export, management and co-owner of Macedonia-Export. Extensive experience in training and developing management and leadership skills of employees in Macedonia, through innovative and practical approach in the working. With its own two brands, MAMA'S - traditional recipes and TIP OF THE WEEK - handbook for personal and professional development, he moved the standards in two areas - food industry and publishing.

Dragan Davitkov, Senior Manager at PwC and leader of PwC Academy. 14 years experience in the company, successful management of numerous audit and non-audit engagements of the most successful companies in Macedonia, in the region and in Russia.

Aleksandra Todorovska, Manager at PwC and associate of the Academy. She is part of this company for already 8 years where she enriched her experience through management of projects for major companies in Macedonia, in the region and in Slovenia during the 2 years stay in PwC office in Ljubljana.

Please follow the link for the training details. 

Managerial Skills Development / Развој на менаџерските вештини

We would like to thank you in advance and sincerely hope for your positive reply.