PwC Academy - IFRS Update Training

We are pleased to present our Academy training programme for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), designed to address your staff training and development needs. Whether you already report under IFRS or are preparing to make the change to IFRS, our training is designed to share PwC knowledge and perspective on some of the critical and complex IFRS issues facing both your company and your industry, as well as contributing to the professional development of your personnel.

  Who is it for?
The IFRS training is intended for professionals with background in finance having a responsibility in the accounting, reporting and/or controlling area. Basic accounting knowledge and experience is required to use the knowledge offered during this course. This course is designed to offer intensive training in updating on developments in IFRS with a focus on the application of the changes in 2013.

Who are the tutors?
The tutors are experts employed in PwC holding the highest degree of theoretical knowledge verified and amplified through practice, in the area of accounting, reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

Please follow the link for the training details. 

IFRS Update Training 2013

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