PwC Academy - Finance for Non-Finance

  What is the objective of this training?
This programme is particularly useful for managers in non financial areas of an organisation and their understanding of the financial statements as a tool for financial reporting, as well as the specifics of the financial analysis and planning, basic concepts of financial and management accounting, ratio analysis techniques important for decision making.

Who are the tutors?
The tutors are experts employed in PwC holding the highest degree of theoretical knowledge verified and amplified through practice, in the area of accounting, reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

What will this training include?
  • Understand basic concepts of financial and management accounting
  • Read and analyse financial reports
  • Understand the purpose and methods of financial analysis
  • Prepare a minimum set of financial indicators which are necessary for company managers to resolve operating issues and make financial decisions
  • Understand key budgeting concepts and how to prepare a budget
  • Understand the financial implications of decisions and economic drivers of business, and discuss financial matters with colleagues
  • Fundamentals of tax regulation
Who is it for?
All managers in non financial areas of an organisation who are making business decisions with financial implications and need to understand and interpret financial information.

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Finance for Non-Finance Training 2013:

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