PayWell Macedonia 2014

Salary and Benefits Survey

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been conducting Paywell salary surveys since 1997 for various industry sectors in a number of Central and Eastern European Countries.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Macedonia will soon be launching the 5th edition of PayWell Salary and Benefits survey, that will result with detailed report on compensation and benefits policies, operated by the companies active on the Macedonian market.

The PayWell Macedonia 2014 Report will contain invaluable information on compensation and benefits and overall reward management. Our experience shows that those companies that put in place effective reward and compensations programs will achieve the greatest level of success in the increasingly competitive market environment.

Salary and benefits data will be collected throughout February until end of April and will be based on data as at 31 December 2014. The Report will contain information on participants’ anticipated changes to compensation and benefits, so can be used when considering changes to your overall compensation and reward offering for 2015.

PayWell Macedonia 2014 uses the PricewaterhouseCoopers STRATA job matching methodology which enables us to evaluate and then compare on the basis of role and responsibility rather than on the basis of formal job title. We believe our job matching methodology, as well as the election of the companies – participants makes this Survey unique on the Macedonian market.

 Participation in PayWell 2014 Salary and Benefits survey
If you are interested in participating in the Survey, please complete the following form and one of the PayWell team members will contact you to initiate the process.


 About PayWell Macedonia 2014 Salary and Benefits survey
PayWell Macedonia salary and benefits survey comprises salary statistics for general and specific jobs. PayWell report is a tool created to assist the HR professionals and companies’ decision-makers to develop competitive HR policies that attract, motivate and retain talents that support the business strategy.

PayWell Macedonia 2014 will provide specific information covering three main areas:
  • Salary ranges for general and specific jobs
  • Compensation policies review
  • Benefits policy review

Please see below the survey presentation, as well as sample outputs for each section of the report:

PayWell Macedonia 2014 Salary and Benefits survey

PayWell Macedonia 2013 Salary and Benefits survey

PayWell Macedonia 2012 Salary and Benefits survey

PayWell Macedonia 2011 Salary and Benefits survey

PayWell Macedonia 2010 Salary and Benefits survey

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