PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey

What’s on the minds of over 1,400 CEOs around the world?

  • 66%

    of CEOs see more threats today

  • 59%

    of CEOs want to better communicate purpose & values

  • 76%

    of CEOs define business success by more than financial profit

  • 1,409

    CEOs interviewed in 83 countries

Redefining business success in a changing world

How to lead in complicated times? That’s the question all CEOs are seeking to answer at a time of prolonged uncertainty.

Watch this short video to learn what CEOs had to say about the global economic outlook and the challenges they face in building a business ready for the more complex global marketplace of the future.


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Dennis M Nally
Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

@Dennis Nally

What's in store for the Middle East?

Hazem Galal, PwC Cities & Local Government Leader on the 19th Annual Global CEO Survey highlights for the Middle East

What's in store for the Middle East?

PwC's 19th Annual CEO Survey


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  • Growth
  • Greater expectations
  • Transformation
  • Measuring success

of CEOs are concerned about geopolitical uncertainty

Moving beyond globalisation

Today’s CEOs face a business environment that’s becoming increasingly complicated to read and adapt to. This complicated world picture isn’t just being shaped by economic and geopolitical trends. We believe there is a more fundamental shift taking place, namely from a globalising world to one with many dimensions of power, growth and threats.

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of CEOs say creating value for wider stakeholders helps profitability

Addressing greater expectations

CEOs acknowledge that their customers as well as other stakeholders increasingly want them to do more to tackle important problems. The response for many has been to focus even more strongly on customer needs as well as drawing on their companies’ own sense of purpose – what they stand for – to define a more comprehensive view of how their businesses operate within society. Some CEOs are taking concrete steps to align this broader mission to their company’s core goal of profitability.

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of CEOs are changing how they use technology to deliver on widerstakeholder expectations

Transforming: technology, innovation and talent

CEOs are using technology to get closer to consumers but are being challenged to align all parts of their operating model behind customer strategies. Some companies are bridging what we call an ‘execution gap’ by shaping their entire value proposition, strategy, operations and capabilities tightly around a strong commitment to what they stand for. They’re also looking to build better innovation and people capabilities to address changing customer expectations.

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of CEOs agree that business success will be redefined by more than just financial profit

Measuring and communicating success

CEOs are seeking to better measure the impact and value of innovation and key risks for stakeholders. Companies are addressing these challenges through a greater focus on data and technology to gain better insight into business processes and to measure a broader range of variables. They’re also looking to communicate a range of ‘softer’ issues in a reliable and consistent way across multiple channels.

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What do CEOs have to say about today’s issues?

We conducted in-depth interviews with 33 CEOs around the world. Watch their individual videos to hear their views on key events, trends and issues shaping business decision-making today.

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How concerned are CEOs about the following potential economic, policy, social and environmental threats to their organisation’s growth prospects?

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