Services for U.S. citizens and Green Card holders

Our International Assignment Solutions (IAS) department provides US individual income tax compliance services for US citizens and Green Card holders working and living throughout the Middle East who continue to have a tax filing requirement. Additionally, they also provide assistance to people of other nationalities who may have a US tax filing obligation. Our team has extensive experience in this area of specialty and we have tax professionals in the region on a full-time, year-round basis. They can assist Americans on either an individual basis or through company-sponsored programmes. They currently work with major oil companies and American universities in the region providing tax services to their employees.

The IAS department also offers consulting/advisory services on structuring of compensation packages to minimise an individual's US personal tax liabilities. They also assist companies in developing and implementing tax protection/equalisation policies. They prepare year-end gross up and withholding calculations in order to prevent the imposition of tax penalties. They provide seminars to individuals and companies to explain the additional tax complexities as a result of an overseas assignment.