In the current financial environment, CFOs and Boards are demanding increased visibility and more effective management of the company's financial risks. Treasury has a central role in delivering to this agenda.

Core treasury activities such as funding and cash management have become increasingly business critical with market volatility and reduced availability of cash. Treasurers have the unique opportunity to display their skills and add real value to these areas.

Some treasurers are taking this a stage further, partnering with business management as technical risk advisors. This involves supporting the extraction of further value and the mitigation of risk from commercial activities, particularly around foreign exchange (FX), credit, cash and working capital. Some are making good steps outside their traditional sphere of influence into areas such as commodity risk management and pension funding.  However, with tighter cost pressures on the business, how can treasurers achieve all of this with less?

At PwC we help management make well informed decisions about their financial risks. We help clients to unlock value from their business by:

  • Assessing and optimising treasury and cash governance, risk and effectiveness frameworks
  • Stabilising and optimising the accounting and tax implications of transactions
  • Assessing market conditions, identifying funding alternatives and source funding requirements
  • Assisting clients to forecast, extract and manage cash more effectively
  • Advising on the technology and people aspects of treasury