Technology assurance

Large-scale corporate investment in IT systems has re-emerged in recent years. These projects are becoming increasingly complex and many companies have no real understanding of the technology risks they are facing. The pace of IT change, regulatory pressures and increasing dependency on IT also represent a significant challenge for companies. As a result, the board is looking for a higher level of assurance than ever before.

We help clients respond to these issues. We design and implement IT risk and controls solutions that protect the business and reduce compliance cost. We also provide independent IT assurance to business leaders and third parties.

We can help you to mitigate technology risks by:

  • Identifying risks and understand their impact in a strategic context, including alignment with business objectives
  • Delivering fresh perspectives to the board on how to integrate its approach to governance, regulation and compliance
  • Providing assurance that a robust risk assessment and management framework is in place to manage IT risks, including process improvement and controls optimisation
  • Scrutinising ERP and business systems on various levels to provide assurance on governance, implementation, data migration and overall alignment with business objectives
  • Providing assurance over the operations and approach of management service providers in any outsourcing of the IT function
  • Providing bespoke reviews and assurance around IT security and controls