Regulatory Response

Redefining the value of regulation

Regulation is part of business as usual. The way a business responds is key in determining the extent to which regulation is a burden or an opportunity. In a challenging business environment, where trust and transparency are highly prized, a well-executed, efficient, appropriate and communicated response to all stakeholders on regulatory matters can bring about significant benefits and opportunities.

What good looks like

These are the fundamentals that need to be in place:

  • Strategic engagement with regulatory bodies; board level understanding of the regulatory landscape, horizon and strategic impact.
  • Regulatory resilience is not viewed as a one-off activity or initiative; it is part of business as usual.
  • An outcome-based focus on regulatory compliance, making maximum use of process, controls and enablers.
  • Looking beyond your organization’s boundaries to give due consideration to the extended enterprise and the responsibilities of third parties.

When to act

There are logical triggers in your business activities that prompt action. Here are some examples:

  • Introduction of new regulation.
  • High profile regulatory issues within your sector.
  • Known issues in your own performance linked to regulation.
  • Any major change impacting areas covered by regulation and where you invite the scrutiny of a new set of regulators and stakeholders.

Being seen as a regulatory high performer is a great way to be viewed by your regulator.

How we can help

Through us, you have access to the breadth and depth of our skills, expertise and knowledge and can draw on multiple competencies to develop a value-driven regulatory response.

  • Conduct & Culture

    We work across the regulatory lifecycle, performing risk assessments and reviewing existing policies, to help deliver tailored solutions to meet and exceed regulatory requirements. We focus on conduct, culture and customer.
  • Redress & Remediation

    We advise on policy, process and programme design to provide resources to support the execution of existing and new programmes and provide quality assurance and monitoring support.
  • Operational Resilience

    We help our clients manage and design everything from governance and controls to systems and data processes. Our clients can provide transparent assurance to their stakeholders that they are doing the right thing.
  • Risk & Prudential

    We help our clients develop an end-to-end, aggregated view of risks facing their business. Developing bespoke risk solutions around current and future regulatory requirements on capital and liquidity.

What you gain

Cost efficiency

Reducing remediation costs and avoiding fines, time and response efficiency and removal of duplication.

Reputational protection

Promoting trust and consumer confidence, engagement and belief.

Stakeholder confidence

Fostering investor, analyst, shareholder, employee and new talent confidence; regulatory engagement and influence.

Organisational resilience

Developing agility and the ability to absorb new regulation quickly; developing speed of response, flexibility and sustainability.

Freedom from scrutiny

A robust regulatory response enabling you to operate with less scrutiny.

Enhanced capability

Equipping you to embrace regulation.

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