Projects assurance

Many companies have projects which struggle to deliver the benefits that are expected of them, often having major knock-on effects on other projects and sometimes even conflicting with others. On average, a quarter of all major change programmes fail completely while around three quarters under deliver. 

We provide insightful, independent and informed advice to a broad spectrum of clients in order to reduce the risk of project failure and increase business value.  We provide quality assurance through the entire life cycle of change, from project identification through to final delivery. 

We have experience across a broad range of projects and sectors, including capital intensive construction, business change and IT as well as access to the firm's global network of specialists.

We can help clients achieve the right outcomes from their projects and change programmes by:

  • Reviewing projects along their life-cycle to identify risks and make recommendations on how to address them
  • Reviewing project portfolios to help prioritise projects based on strategic objectives and delivery capabilities
  • Ensuring projects support the business strategy
  • Reviewing whether the business case will deliver the desired results
  • Helping you get the most from your third parties
  • Assessing the project management process