Commercial assurance

Businesses that don't manage their strategic third-party relationships actively and creatively fail to maximise revenues, control costs, create excessive dependency and open their organisations up to a multitude of risks. Organisations rely increasingly on complex relationships with third parties. Getting value for money from these contracts, ensuring effective performance and managing risk is an ongoing challenge for most businesses, particularly in today’s economic environment. Services and contractual charging regimes are often complicated, difficult to understand and lack transparency. This can lead to a lack of commercial control and a loss of value.

We can help clients to unlock value and minimise risk by:

  • Helping them to understand the real cost drivers and  performance obstacles through evidence-based review
  • Implementing an effective contract re-negotiation or termination strategy
  • Implementing effective contract deployment
  • Focusing Purchase-to-Pay processes and controls on service performance, cost control and continuous improvement
  • Reviewing  contract structures to ensure reward and pricing mechanisms fit the service or product and are driving the right behaviour
  • Improve operational efficiency and tighter demand management through enhancing delivery at lower cost
  • Simplifying by removing unreliable evidence, inadequate knowledge or unnecessary complexity that may hamper decision making
  • Billing compliance and invoice error recovery