Business resilience

Demographic changes and economic shocks, environmental issues and technological advances all represent major risks to businesses, whether financial, operational, ethical or reputational. The challenge is to identify where your business is most vulnerable to and mitigate those risks effectively.

Controls are an integral part of making business processes work in an efficient way, yet many companies don't pay adequate attention to these early in their change programmes. Businesses that don't consider controls miss an important opportunity to streamline their processes, as well as leaving themselves exposed in the longer term to financial loss, operational failures, or customer service breakdowns. 

PwC can help clients build resilient businesses through demonstrating excellence in risk management, control and compliance. We do this by:

  • Helping the client plan their approach to designing controls ¬†including the methodology
  • Assessing now to design controls at specific points during the business change lifecycle
  • Seconding team members to the project team to help support the business to design controls
  • Leading/ delivering a controls design workstream
  • Developing and implementing a training approach so people understand their new control responsibilities