Customised training solutions

Our training solutions are provided in a range of delivery formats to suit your needs.

We work together with you to understand your current position, goals, objectives and training needs. We then leverage our resources, the experience and knowledge of our worldwide network of professionals, to tailor our existing products or develop new material in order to meet your training needs.

Listen and understand your training needs

  • Meet with you; understand your organisational goals and objectives.
  • Assess the participants’ current competencies; identify knowledge and skills gaps to be addressed in order to meet organisational goals.

Design and develop your
training programme

  • We build the solution that you need in order to address the knowledge and skills gaps.
  • Customise and contextualise the learning material; working together to develop workshops, case studies and business simulations based on your business, to keep the material focused and in context.
  • Agree the delivery format and schedule.

Delivery of your training programme, using the best facilitators and resources

  • Roll‑out the training solution; manage training delivery, administration and logistics.
  • Review the effectiveness of the training delivery, test learning and understanding throughout the training period.

Evaluate outcomes and
effectiveness of your training

  • Carry out course evaluation. 
  • Review participant feedback and assessment results.
  • Update and adapt material to maximise the outcome of future
    client programmes.