Preparation and Maintenance of Accounts

Course: Preparation and Maintenance of Accounts (Introductory Bookkeeping)

For those with little or no formal accountancy training, who work in an accounts function and are expected to use or understand the mechanics of double entry bookkeeping. 

This course will provide participants with a sound understanding of: 

  • What makes up the Financial Statements of an organisation.
  • The purpose of financial accounting
  • The detailed techniques of recording accounting entries (double entry bookkeeping)
  • The maintenance of accounting records
  •  How a set of accounting records are closed
  • How the financial statements (statement of income and expenditure and statement of financial position) are prepared from the accounting records

Participants will practice bookkeeping techniques through classroom exercises, business games and workshops, and will gain an understanding of how financial statements are prepared from these records.

Duration:  5 - 7 days

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