Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Course: Fraud Awareness and Prevention

For staff who need an awareness of the risk of economic crime, including risk assurance, internal audit and fraud prevention employees. 

This course introduces participants to:

  • The definition of fraud 
  • Global problems and regional issues
  • Types of fraud with a focus on: corruption, asset misappropriation and financial misstatement.
  • The Fraud Triangle
  • Indicators of fraud 
  • Anti‑Bribery and corruption related regulations
  • Key elements of prevention – anti‑fraud strategies, policies and
  • Detection – how to discover fraud? The role of communication and
    reporting channels and detection tools

Participants will leave the course understanding what fraud is, its
indicators and the impact of fraud within an organisation. They will be
equipped with knowledge and tools that can be implemented to preventand detect fraud.

Duration: 2 - 3 days

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