Financial Statement Analysis-Advanced

Course: Financial Statement Analysis-Advanced

For professionals who use financial statements to make business and/or investment decisions. 

This course will cover the following topics, including how these impact on the meaning and interpretation of financial statements: 

  • The key uses and limitations of financial statement analysis
  • The impact of different accounting policies
  • Accounting estimates and off balance sheet financing
  • Analysis and interpretation of a company’s performance
  • Assessing the quality of reported earnings
  • “Creative accounting” scandals
  • Analysis of past financial performance
  • Areas of focus – SOCI and SOFP
  • Cash flow analysis – importance of CFS for financial statement analysis

Participants will improve their financial statement analysis skills, will feel more confident in their ability to comment on business activities and performance, and to analyse financial health for management and
forecasting purposes. These skills and technical knowledge will be put into practice throughout the course using interactive examples and case studies, putting the theory and techniques into context

Duration:  2 days

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