Annual events and programmes

To complement its research and training activities, MEPSI offers annual events to address key concerns of Middle East governments and public sector organisations.

Forthcoming events

Annual Senior Management World-Class Programme
Leadership and Public Policy in the 21st Century

A training programme for public sector senior management high flyers designed to develop the leaders of the future. The programme will focus on:

  • Public sector performance measurement and improvement
  • Strategic management in government
  • Service delivery in the public sector
  • Better policy making
  • Public private partnerships

Conference on International Development
Recognising Public Sector Reform: Lessons from the Front Line – Middle East Perspective

A conference focusing on how public sector bodies can bridge the gap between strategic intentions and designing the right development programmes to pursue these objectives.

The conference will enable participants to exchange ideas and concepts to identify new innovative approaches to implementing and achieving success in the Middle East.

Public Sector Awards

To honour and recognise distinguished individuals and officials who have served and made a difference in the public sector, either through effecting change, introducing innovation or pushing the boundaries of transformation and progress.