ACCA Diploma in IFRS

Applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has become a significant matter for most global businesses. Few businesses can ignore the need for their financial
reporting team to have a clear technical understanding of IFRS, their implications, and how to apply them in practice.

The Diploma in IFRS is the leading IFRS qualification globally, and is certified by the ACCA. It is a key qualification for CFO’s and those involved in financial reporting who want to broaden their knowledge of both the technical and practical aspects of IFRS, and hold an international certificate in IFRS.


You are eligible for the ACCA Diploma in IFRS if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Professional qualification (ICAI, ICAP, ACCA, CPA, ICAEW, etc.)
  2. Three years’ relevant accounting experience (by submitting a letter from your employer)
  3. A relevant degree and two years’ experience in the accounting field
  4. An ACCA certificate in International Financial Reporting and two years’ experience

Course details & schedule

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