Mini MBA

 In today's business environment, companies seek individuals who comprehend all facets of the organisation and who can apply integrated, strategic thinking to create value enhancing solutions.  PwC’s Mini MBA Programme provides the competitive advantage needed to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

PwC’s Mini MBA Programme offers the knowledge, tools, and skills sets delivered in a traditional MBA programme in an accessible 3 month session. Our 9 specially designed modules are delivered over weekends to accommodate your schedule.

From project management to finance functions, corporate strategy to human capital, PwC’s Mini MBA Programme will not only provide a comprehensive understanding of each but will also provide clarity on the interdependence between them.  The programme is delivered by industry leading experts from our vast professional network and draws upon our experiences of working with the top firms from all over the world.   

Who is it for?

The PwC Mini MBA is designed for those who wish to gain the business skills provided by a traditional MBA programme without incurring the time and costs necessary to undertake a full MBA Programme. It is ideally suited for current or aspiring managers along all lines of business, small and medium sized enterprise owners, and seasoned or budding entrepreneurs.

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Course details & schedule

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Mini MBA taster session

The PwC’s Academy’s Mini MBA taster session is designed to give you an insight into the Mini MBA experience. The session is delivered in the form of a real lecture on one of the core modules. You will also have an opportunity to meet our lecturers and some of our current students.

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