Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ) Certification Courses & Private Tuitions in Middle East

The CFA® programme is the worlds most respected and recognized investment credential. As a graduate level curriculum it provides a strong foundation of real‑world investment
analysis, portfolio management skills and practical knowledge required in today’s investment industry. To become a CFA charter holder, candidates must complete the CFA programme, passing three intensive exams which demonstrate the achievements of technical excellence, professionalism and ethics in the field of financial analysis and investment decision
making. CFA charterholders are found in a wide range of positions including analyst, investment portfolio managers, strategists CEO.

The CFA lecturers at PwC’s Academy are CFA charter holders with industry experience and the skills to guide students through the programme with their technical knowledge
combined with practical examples of the application of the techniques studied.


PwC’s Academy’s CFA training programme is ideal if you are an investment professional looking to jumpstart your career, a non- investment professional such as a lawyers or accountant seeking to broaden your expertise, or a student who is planning on entering the finance industry and deliver and perform at the highest level.

Candidates must satisfy the following entry criteria before registering for the CFA credential:

  1. Completing the final year of a bachelor’s degree at the time of registration or
  2. Have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related) or
  3. Have a combination of professional work experience and college experience over a period of four years (part-time positions are not considered and the four year experience must be completed prior to enrollment)

Course details & schedule

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