ACCA Global Fees

The prices for ACCA courses organised by PwC's Academy are available here.

Fees to be paid to ACCA Global (aplicable in 2014)*

ACCA Qualification Student Fees:

Initial Registration £79
Subscription £81
Re-registration fee £79

Exam/Exemption 2014:

Exam level Exam entry period December 2014
exam fee (per exam)
Knowledge (F1-F3) Early £69
Standard £74
Late £225
Skills (F4-F9) Early £87
Standard £93
Late £245
(P1-P3 and any two from P4-P7)
Early £100
Standard £108
Late £259
*not including any fees paid to your local tuition provider, on registration you will be asked to pay an initial subscription fee. Then on 1 January each year, an annual subscription fee will be due. As you enter for exams or claim exemptions, a payment will be requested.

We would strongly encourage you to ensure that, whether online or postal method is being used, all registration details and documents are sent to ACCA as early as possible. The closer is gets to the dates above the less time there is to resolve any issues that may arise. We would also encourage 100% online registration where at all possible as this is by far the quickest method.

ACCA Syllabus