PwC's Academy is pleased to offer a full online ACCA qualification programme for the Latvian market.

Our ACCA vision is simple - to provide a premium teaching and support service that establishes the highest possible levels of quality and leverages our knowledge and experience as a leading professional services firm.

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ACCA courses now available online

30.07.2014. PwC’s Academy would like to invite students to join our new ACCA WebEx Live Online programme.

The Live Online courses are intended as a stand-alone course for resitters or as an alternative exam preparation for students who are unable to attend face-to-face courses.

The tutors will focus on exam practice and the most relevant syllabus areas.Read more..

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PwC’s Academy Latvia became ACCA Approved Learning Partner

04.07.2013. PwC’s Academy in Latvia has gained the ACCA’s prestigious Gold level as an Approved Learning Partner - student tuition.Read more..

ACCA Student Guide 2012/13 is published

03.07.2013. Here you can find the ACCA Student Guide 2012/13. The ACCA Student Guidebook covers your participation in the ACCA programme at the PwC’s Academy. All of our support services are listed within these pages, and are designed to help you achieve your goals in relation to ACCA.

PwC's Academy is on summer break

21.06.2013. PwC's Academy is on summer break from mid June to Autumn. To get the most recent updates, please subscribe to PwC's Academy e-mail newsletter (Latvian), the next newsletter will be sent out on 26 August.

Dates of CBE exams - Autum 2013

10.06.2013. The dates of CBE Autumn 2013 session have been set. Schedule

Dates of CBE exams - Spring 2013

21.05.2013. CBE will be organised on May 21, 28, June 4, 11, 18, all days at 10AM.  There won't be CBE organised during summer.

P4 Advanced Financial Management module

15.04.2013. On 29 - 30 June and 2 - 3 May P4 Advanced Financial Management module is scheduled. This module is organised once per year. 

Results of PwC's Academy ACCA December 2012 session.

We are proud of our students' results!Enlarge image