Work in PwC - Tax

Once you join PwC Latvia’s Tax and Legal practice, you’ll find your work as a tax advisor extremely varied. You’ll be working on behalf of clients in a company’s tax or finance department to find solutions to special problems including those resulting from changes in the law, acquisitions, outsourcing or the introduction of stock ownership plans. You might find yourself a part of a cross-disciplinary team taking care of the tax aspects of a corporate valuation or audit.

Corporate Tax: integrated tax advice for companies Our tax services are a combination of strategic and implementation expertise. Your job at PwC will go way beyond tax returns and annual accounts. You’ll be giving support to companies during restructuring, reorganisation or tax audits and negotiating with the tax authorities on their behalf. Designing deals for companies buying businesses in Latvia and abroad is an increasingly important part of our work. We also conduct due diligence reviews on behalf of our clients, advise them on joint ventures choosing a location for their business, and assist in contract negotiations.

Value Added Tax: national and cross-border consultancy
Our VAT teams design tailor-made solutions for companies. Analysing a company’s supply structure and optimising its risks is only one of our areas of specialisation. we also advise companies on how to set up and expand their VAT organisation efficiently; we can act as an expert partner in dialogue with the Latvian authorities. We also offer support and representation in legal proceedings, or serve as a reliable outsourcing partner for VAT-related administrative functions.

Legal Services
we do anything that is concerned with the law. Auditing and advisory projects often involve legal issues related to areas such as company, contract, banking, employment, audit or competition law. At PwC, a globally networked team of lawyers is there to answer such questions, working closely with our professional and industry specialists to develop solutions that strike a healthy balance between the client’s business requirements and the available legal options. Naturally we also have good connections with external lawyers to ensure effective representation of our clients in the courts and in dealings with the authorities.