Work in PwC - Internal Firm Services

Our department of Internal Firm services (IFS) comprises several subsections to manage all support functions to our partners and client staff.

The role of Finance encompasses financial planning, which involves evaluating our investment and financial goals and developing comprehensive plans in a highly complex and regulated environment. Typically, our functions include working capital management, forecasting and planning, budgeting, statutory and management reporting, compliance with global, regional and local (legislative) policies, treasury functions, staff advances and payrolls, creditor payments and more.

Office of General Counsel (OGC)
OGC provides legal support to all Lines of Services in order to facilitate PwC’s day‑to‑day work. Apart from finding better solutions to help PwC provide distinctive services, OGC is responsible for compliance with general and professional regulations and with corporate governance policies.

Human Capital
The Human Capital function is responsible for all aspects of professional and effective Human Capital management in the Latvian practice. We define medium and long-term Human Capital planning, recruitment, compensation and benefits, career planning and development, and training strategies necessary to achieve the firm’s objectives.

Information Technology
Our IT department is a bunch of IT experts in a range of IT aspects that provide support and advice on IT matters, issue IT security guidelines and undertake IT resource planning, network expansion, systems implementation and advisory. We are the communication channel between PwC global IT groups and PwC Latvia partners and staff.

Administration provides support to partners and staff with administrative services. Our aim is to provide top quality cost‑effective services in areas such as office space management, purchasing and procurement, travel and internal events, secretarial services, real estate management, office environment/maintenance and logistics.

Business Development and Marketing
Business Development focuses on developing long-term client relationships and is committed to delivering a distinctive experience to our clients and our people through technical excellence and consistent behaviours.
Marketing supports awareness of the PwC brand and our services in targeted market segments to maintain PwC’s image and reputation and create opportunities for contact with our clients and targets.
Some of our activities are aimed at promoting our brand and corporate culture internally via internal communications because everyone in our firm is a brand ambassador.