Work in PwC - Assurance

Auditing is an integral part of a developed market economy. The audit profession is highly esteemed in the business community. Why? Because auditors have a special mission: on the one hand, they protect the interests of business owners and boost their confidence in their investments; on the other hand, auditors help to build public trust in businesses.

The audit profession involves confidential client communication that requires auditors to develop professional and personal skills. Learning the art of communication is critical in developing these skills, both for clients and auditors.

The audit profession teaches you to understand the economic situation and to analyse the business processes of a company. There’s no better way to obtain a detailed and reliable view of a business than by delving into its figures.

The PwC assurance practice in Riga means a team of more than 60 professionals working on projects of varying complexity for clients from different industries. This is an excellent place to obtain continuous on-the-job training, learn accounting and auditing standards, and develop analytical and interpersonal skills.

Your first weeks with the firm will include a complete induction programme to introduce you to our firm and its methodologies. You’ll be assigned a coach to help you develop your skills and abilities.

You’ll be working in a highly ethical environment, both externally and internally, with intelligent and interesting people.

You’ll be offered fast career development based on your performance.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with Latvia’s leading companies and to gain international experience.