People about Us

Agate Zīverte

Agate Zīverte,
Tax and Legal Services, Manager

I have been with PwC for more than ten years, and I can say it has been a very interesting and challenging experience. When I started my career with PwC, I did not know much about the taxation system, and so I had a lot of new information to discover. I have continuously developed myself and participated in different projects. There are many things I like about PwC, for instance the environment of intelligent people who are willing to share their knowledge, clients who bring problematic scenarios for us to solve, our international network, and a management team that I trust. I believe PwC employees have the opportunity to realise their potential, so there is a good chance you will be very motivated to be part of the PwC team. PwC is a large team and on the one hand I am just one of the many employees, but on the other hand, I feel that the management treat me as a valued member of staff. I see three important reasons why you will feel good becoming a PwC employee right after finishing your university studies:
  • your education is valued and you continue to expand your knowledge working with experts in their respective fields;
  • the PwC team is young and friendly;
  • and you will be offered good training opportunities.
Aija Panke

Aija Panke,
Tax and Legal Services, Senior Legal Consultant

I highly regard the day‑to‑day challenges I face at PwC – they give me new experience, develop me professionally, and broaden my horizons. My job at PwC involves working closely with highly qualified, knowledgeable and encouraging colleagues on a daily basis not only in Latvia but also globally, and it’s the availability of that global experience which I feel is one of the key factors that help PwC compete successfully in the changing economic conditions. PwC’s key asset is its people, and I can rely on PwC team members. The firm pays a lot of attention to staff motivation and team spirit. PwC is a socially active and responsible firm that encourages its people to be active by taking part in various runs, cycling trips, environment cleaning and other events. people at PwC always respond to appeals to become blood donors, bring joy to children at Latvian orphanages, and otherwise help those in need.

Marika Pleikšne

Marika Armane,
Assurance, Assistant Manager

When planning my professional career I attached great importance to things like a chance to work with knowledgeable and friendly teammates who can teach me something each day, as well as continued professional growth and personal development, a job that brings new challenges each day and stops me from getting into a rut, the chance to meet different people, and working on diverse customer projects. I’m now pleased to find that I’ve been lucky in my choice, as my job meets all my expectations. It feels very good in the morning to be going to work, where I can develop myself each day not only as a professional but as a personality, getting plenty of support from my employer. PwC is the right choice for ambitious people who know what they want to achieve. Sometimes it takes a lot of strength and patience, but it’s definitely worth it!