What PwC can offer me?

To develop your career with us, you need to understand as much of our business as possible. We’re committed to helping you build breadth and depth of knowledge through the following modules which together will help you acquire a portfolio of valuable, transferable skills.

  • Learning
    Gaining a good balance of business, personal and technical skills is important to your development. We’ll provide structured learning programmes and the framework for you to continually develop your skills through your day‑to‑day interaction with people around you.
  • Coaching
    Open, one-to-one conversations about your development objectives start with discussing your development plan with your coach. But a range of key people will be on hand to guide, advise and help you plan ahead. They’ll include a buddy who will help you settle in; a partner or director coach to boost your understanding of the firm and your longer-term opportunities, and Human Capital.
  • Feedback
    Regular, constructive and focused feedback is part and parcel of life at PwC and you should expect to give it and receive it. We encourage you to come to your own conclusions on your performance first, then get the views of others. The aim is to help you learn from and build on your experiences. It works both ways too, so we’ll regularly ask you for feedback on the people you’re working with.
  • Variety of work
    We build this into your day as well as your ongoing career. You’ll work in different teams and offices, experience different clients and types of projects, try out new roles and even sample other business areas.
  • Global Mobility
    As we’re continually looking to develop and challenge our people, we’ll be looking to give you interesting career opportunities. That might involve you joining a new team, tackling different responsibilities within the same team, or relocating within CEE or globally.