Choosing the first employer of your life is a very important decision to make. Your whole career largely depends on which firm you’ll choose to feature on the first line of your CV. Moreover, your very idea of the corporate world depends on your first steps in this area. That’s why you need to approach the task of choosing your first employer with all responsibility.

PwC service offerings are so multifaceted that even people with a non‑specialist education have great opportunities for self‑realisation at the firm. What do we mean? Everybody knows that people holding a degree in accounting and audit come to us, but we’ll also welcome graduates from technical universities and people with a degree in sciences or humanities. A degree from a prestigious university is great, but we’re looking for real talent; what matters to us is your knowledge and skills, not where you studied. We believe that your desire to succeed is key. Of course, there will be some tests, but surely that’s not going to stop you after so many exams?