Selection process

What is the selection process?

Applying for a new career is a huge decision, so the selection process is designed to make sure we’re absolutely right for each other. The precise details of each stage will vary according to where you want to work, but the focus throughout will be on the qualities you need to do well at PwC.

Step 1 – Complete and submit an online application form
Once you’ve decided where you’d like to work within PwC and found a suitable opportunity, simply fill in our online application form. Our team of recruiters will review your application and get back to you.

Step 2 – Tests:

  • Checking the quality of academic training in the appropriate area: accounting and taxation, law
  • Assessing the candidates’ proficiency in the English language

Step 3 – interview
This will be an interview with PwC managers and a recruitment specialist within the business unit you have applied to.

Step 4 – Interview with director or partner
These interviews will give you the chance to display the qualities that paper can’t do justice to. We’ll use the interviews to further assess your skills and provide you with more information about PwC.

Step 5 – Receive an offer
Once we’re both sure that we’re right for each other, we’ll extend a written offer to you and follow it up with a contract.