Values, Vision and Mission

PwC values

At PwC we have chosen three core values— Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership as the basis of our global corporate culture. These values define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our clients, our people and our organisation.


The best solutions come from working together with colleagues and clients.

Effective teamwork requires relationships, respect and sharing.


Delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected.

We achieve excellence through innovation, learning, and agility.


Leading with clients, leading with people and thought leadership.

Leadership demands courage, vision and integrity.

PwC vision

Our goal is to be the No. 1 professional services firm in Latvia defined by quality, brand, talent, and profitability.

PwC mission

We will achieve our vision by continuing to engage with decision-makers and offering them trusted, innovative and integrated solutions that help them become as distinctive and robust in their fields as we are in ours.