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Is your organisation prepared for the new world of work?

The world of work is changing. In a global economy people are an increasingly valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage. Organisations need to transform to attract, inspire, motivate, manage, develop and reward their people – or face losing their most valuable assets. We help forward-looking businesses do this by providing our Immigration and International assignment services.


About service

Experienced team

PwC global immigration network has over 600 immigration specialists in 126 countries worldwide. Our experienced team comprises lawyers, human resource professionals and consultants with a wide range of immigration expertise.

Wide range of immigration expertise

The network is coordinated from a central hub in London, with regional hubs in Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and Russia, ensuring our specialists operate in a cohesive nature and enabling timely updates on legislative changes from around the world.

Lose links with government authorities around the world

Our practice has close links with government authorities around the world, and we are often actively consulted and invited to contribute to the formulation or testing of new immigration rules or legislation. We provide a forum for our clients to discuss recent regulatory changes and future initiatives, and to provide any feedback based on our own and our clients’ use and understanding of immigration processes and regulations.

Fully integrated tax and immigration services on a global basis

We are closely aligned to the PwC global tax network and fully understand the impact of immigration status on an expatriates' tax position. We can provide fully integrated tax and immigration services on a global basis.

General immigration advice

  • We advise clients on the scope for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Latvia.
  •  Our consultants will answer any question the client may have about the criteria, required documents, available options etc for obtaining a temporary residence permit.
  • We are ready to provide advice by telephone and in person according to the client’s wishes.

If the client would like written advice that exhaustively describes the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit in the client’s particular case so that he himself can then file the documents and settle all the formalities according to our advice, we offer the following solution.

Providing background information

  • We prepare an exhaustive list of documents required for obtaining a temporary residence permit and send the list to the client.
  • The client can contact us if he has any questions.
  • According to our instructions the client prepares the required documents and presents them to us for review.
  • The client himself files the reviewed documents with the Latvian embassy abroad or, accompanied by our specialist, with the Citizenship and Migration Office (CMO) in Latvia.
  • The client in person receives his temporary residence permit in the event of a favourable decision.

In complicated circumstances we add the following services to those described above.

Preparing document templates and communicating with CMO

  • We prepare the required document templates and help the client complete them if requested.
  • We arrange for the documents to be translated into the national language and notarised.
  • The client files the documents for receiving a temporary residence permit with the CMO accompanied by our specialist.
  • We communicate with the CMO as the client’s authorised party in handling any issues and giving any explanations.
  • We assist the client also in receiving his temporary residence permit.

Serving VIP clients

In the case of special clients that are extremely busy, the Latvian Immigration Act permits minimal client involvement in preparing the required documents.

In this case, we can handle all the formalities with government officials under a notarised power of attorney so that the client only prepares any documents we are unable to prepare for him (such as obtaining documents of a private nature and affixing an Apostille) and the client makes his biometric data available to the CMO.

As part of this service, in addition to the steps outlined above, we will –

  • prepare all the required documents based on the data provided by the client,
  • assist the client in seeking the required documents from other institutions, and
  • file the documents and communicate with the immigration officials on behalf of the client without involving him in person.

International assignments

About service

Global Employee Mobility

Modern mobility – redesigning your mobility experience

Mobility strategies for the next decade will need to be sophisticated, agile and adaptable to deal with growing deployment demands, but tax and immigration requirements often stand in the way, producing complex and perplexing challenges. Leading businesses know they need to closely align mobility strategies to business plans and wider Talent management strategies.

Mobility opportunities are key to attracting, developing and retaining talent - but diverse preferences and expectations all need careful management. Read more about how PwC can help manage your mobility program and what the market is saying about our HRS capabilities.

International assignment services available from PwC Latvia

  • Preparing and filing annual personal income tax returns (for Latvian residents and non-residents);
  • Entrance briefing;
  • Exit briefing;
  • Obtaining non-Latvian resident status for tax purposes;
  • Assessing a mobility policy with respect to the Latvian tax burden;
  • Evaluating a staff incentive package with respect to the Latvian tax burden (including an evaluation of policy on stock options, bonuses etc in relation to Latvian taxes);
  • Tax equalisation;
  • Obtaining a certificate for the Latvian social security scheme (including A1, E101 and social coverage certificate).




Operational excellence in HR.

The rapidly rising bar.

Our new report - 'Delivering more for less'- a study on HR operational excellence - is launching on Tuesday 30th September 2014 for you to use in your local market.

People have become accustomed to the ease, speed and intuition of the on-line shopping experience. They now want this in other aspects of their daily lives, including their interactions with HR. Organisations also want HR to inform workforce plans with the same rich data and analytics used in customer profiling and other forms of business intelligence. HR needs to step up to fulfil these demands - or risk a serious erosion of credibility.

So what sets top performers apart?

Our new report looks in depth at the views of 150 organisations from around the world to find out whether their operational teams are equipped to meet these expectations. We look at that factors that mark out the most effective HR operations and the developments needed to keep up with the constantly rising bar of business demands and of delivering more with less.

Please take a look at the toolkit and get in contact if you have questions about how you can use this report in your market.

Report - 'Delivering more for less' Read more.

PwC’s Stock Compensation 2013 Assumption and Disclosure Survey

PwC is pleased to share with you our Stock Compensation 2013 Assumption and Disclosure Survey. This survey presents our analysis of the 2012 year-end assumptions and disclosures for Mature and High Tech/Emerging companies. Read more.

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