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Successful companies take risks to pursue opportunities of profits while striking a balance between the level of risk and potential for profits. PwC can help achieve a reduced exposure to key risks, a more efficient cost structure, better control, and better availability of vital information for making strategic decisions.

Our work is always evolving to respond to industry trends and management focus, and we combine our deep technical skills in response to our clients’ changing needs.

We consult with our clients to

  • build effective organisations;
  • innovate & grow;
  • reduce costs;
  • manage risk & regulation;
  • and leverage talent.

Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.

Business Strategy

We assist organisations in planning and implementing long term business strategies. The scope of services can include facilitation of business strategy, evaluation of strategic alternatives, customer and market strategy facilitation, design and implementation of organisational model.

Operational Effectiveness

Our solutions for operational effectiveness help organisations understand what changes should be made to reduce operating costs, to improve working capital, and to pursue profitable growth strategies.

Customer Relationship Management

We help organisations further organise sales and customer service functions to increase revenue and ensure profitable relationships. The scope of services includes customer segmentation, CRM process design, contact centre implementation, customer profitability modelling, and customer / sales force analytics.

Financial Management

We help finance managers plan and implement improvements to financial management processes and systems, including accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, controlling, and management information.

Cost Management

We help organisations design and implement cost allocation systems to understand the costs of performing specific activities, to identify cost reduction opportunities, and to understand product, service and customer segment profitability.

Risk Management

Companies that have reached a certain size need to constantly monitor, analyse and manage threats to their successful operation. PwC experts will help your management team initiate and implement this process efficiently.

Information system (IS) implementation

Implementing an IS in a company is a major investment, and whether expected benefits will be realised depends on not only the chosen solution but also the company’s ability to change its business processes to ensure the expected benefits are realised. We will implement an IS in your company within the allotted time and budget, realising the expected benefits from the implementation successfully.

Information technology (IT) development planning and strategy formulation

The purpose of IT is to support a company’s operations, and so IT development should be planned in line with the company’s overall growth. We offer to prepare an IT development plan for the next 3–5 years, so that you have a clearly defined portfolio of IT development projects, plus predictable, reasonable and transparent IT maintenance costs.

Information technology (IT) governance improvement

Effective IT governance results in the satisfaction of information system users and transparent IT usage costs. We carry out IT governance assessments, design IT governance models, and plan for IT governance reorganisation, including investment and benefit forecasts and reorganisation management, using PwC’s methodology Transform.

Information security

Availability of information is vital for ensuring a company’s business continuity and competitiveness. We offer classification of information according to confidentiality and access levels, and governance of information in line with Latvian legislation and EU requirements.