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MindLink.lv (www.mindlink.lv) is the first e-consultant in the Baltic States which has become a loyal assistant during the last fifteen years to directors, finance and tax experts and accountants of both Latvian and international companies. It offers comments and explanations about tax and business activity issues binding for Latvian and foreign companies. The contents provided in Latvian, English and Russian.

This vortal was created by PwC experts to provide clients with information about topicalities in taxation, legislation and other areas of business activity in Latvia, the Baltic States and the European Union, and ensure easily accessible data at any time of the day. PwC’s experts share practical experience obtained by working with clients on a daily basis, that helps ensure best solutions to taxpayers from different industries.

Entrepreneurs value this opportunity to economize both time and resources and are grateful for the chance to comment issues and participate in discussions by themselves. The registered users of the vortal have an opportunity to ask questions to our experts as well as test their own knowledge in different educational tests.

MindLink.lv offers:

  • weekly Flash News on topicalities in taxation and business activities in your e-mail, as well as access to the Flash News’ archives;
  • information on each tax and its application;
  • practical advice on filling of annual tax returns and a convenient declaration form;
  • the most recent information on tax conventions and daily allowances for business trips;
  • recommendations for applying transfer pricing;
  • information on educational courses organised by PwC;
  • publications on accounting standards, industry research, Baltic and other countries Tax News and other.

Subscription levels and prices

To find out more about MindLink.lv or to subscribe for MindLink.lv, please contact us by phone +371 67094400 or by e-mail mindlink@lv.pwc.com.