Our team - Corporate responsibility

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Our company implements corporate responsibility at all levels of management, yet we have assigned a special sustainability team to monitor our corporate policies and ensure their alignment with our national, regional and global priorities. This team is led by Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, chair of the board at PwC Latvia. Our sustainability team oversees the implementation of our strategy and monitors progress on a quarterly basis.

Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska
Chair of the board
Zlata is the country managing partner and chair of the board at PwC Latvia. She has been with our company for 20 years and strategically oversees the implementation of our corporate responsibility projects.

Sandra Ozola
Finance Director
Sandra leads our finance department and is a member of ACCA. She has been with the company since 2000 and deals with all financial matters and decisions.

Inga Kempele
Corporate responsibility manager
Inga coordinates our tax and business vortal, MindLink.lv, and corporate responsibility projects. With our company since 1995 she has served for many years as a coordinator of our marketing, public relations and internal communications, and taken part in developing our corporate risk management processes.

Evija Baula
Marketing and communications manager
Evija has developed our corporate responsibility strategy according to PwC’s international guidelines and business objectives. She ensures and leads communication with all our stakeholders.

Kitija Baltkaja
Human capital manager
Kitija deals with matters of staff recruitment, growth, assessment and development. She also deals with our ethical issues.

Signe Jansone - Lapiņa
Staff training manager
Signe is responsible for our professional development, training, exchange of experience, and introducing students as our prospective employees to career opportunities in our company.

Aija Panke
General counsel and data protection specialist
Aija is a senior lawyer with 12 years’ experience of legal practice and a certified personal data protection expert in Latvia. She specialises in labour law, commercial law, money laundering issues, public procurement, personal data protection, and other related legal matters.

Tonita Galandere
Office manager
Tonita has served as our office manager since 1997. She handles all matters of providing our staff with a comfortable working environment. Her duties include responsibility for making purchases and taking care of the health, workplace and working conditions of our staff.