Tax Structuring

Many investors have to act on a Lithuanian acquisition opportunity with the minimum of delay, and are therefore interested in being able to get a frank assessment of the risks involved in various tax optimization structures, or indeed how tax risk can be reduced on the acquisition structure itself.

We offer many years experience in advising a very wide cross-section of industry on suitable balances between tax risk and tax saving. Our team has specialists dedicated to comparing holding company regime interaction with Lithuanian rules, transfer pricing, thin capitalization and other case specific transactions, such as post-acquisition reorganizations.

Where our client places high priority on tax saving, we can advise on deferral structures using entities in low tax jurisdictions. We are also able to assist individuals in managing their personal tax exposure or succession planning.

This type of service is generally seen in the context of due diligence work, although can of course, interact with all other tax services, such as corporate tax and personal tax.