Accounting Services

An increasing number of investors are electing to hold some of their Lithuanian assets in special purpose vehicles which need to comply with local accounting legislation. Often it is not cost-effective to employ a full time person in order to perform a limited number of accounting entries and comply with filing requirements. A preferred solution is to pay for such services based on usage, with a fixed charge for compliance.

Similarly, some organizations are preferring to focus on their core activities, reducing the time required by decision makers to resolve questions of Lithuanian reporting, presentation and compliance. For these companies also, the flexibility of having these tasks handled externally is beneficial.

Our accounting services offer up-to-date knowledge of local standards as well as IFRS and US GAAP requirements coupled with the flexibility of adaptation to particular business circumstances. We listen with particular attention before we advise or make entries in a particular manner. Our people understand that each business is unique and that accounting should only be based on a complete understanding of the commercial reality, and not on any documents in isolation.