Stabilisation and Optimisation of the Management System

Are you always assure and certain that your organisation will meet obligations assumed with respect to the client (will it deliver goods or services in time, of an agreed quality for a fixed price) and employees?

Do all employees know their responsibilities and are certain to receive timely and proper results from the other employee or department?

An organisation is composed of a range of interconnected actions and interim results. Complicated relationships become a real challenge in achieving a stable and high-quality final result.

A management system is designed to implement the strategy of the organisation, therefore, all elements should be integrated and target orientated.

Employees and clients expect the organisation to fulfil its obligations. PricewaterhouseCoopers offers a package of services designed to ensure the stability of the management system or its optimisation.

Challenges faced by organisations

  • Rapidly changing and increasing requirements of clients and other stakeholders—the need to flexibly adapt to them by maintaining a required level of quality.
  • More complicated processes— the need to put additional efforts to manage them.
  • Growing demands of employees and a lower level of loyalty—the need for a reliable system less dependant on individual employees.
  • Stronger competition—the growing need to preserve and improve quality of operating results.
  • Legal regulation of activities of the organisation—the need to meet the established legal requirements.
Solutions offered by PwC
  • Analysis of the management system.
  • Identification of actions improving elements of the management system, i.e. an organisational structure, functions, processes, methods.
  • Adjustment and optimisation of the management system.
  • Formalisation of the management system, i.e. description of procedures, functions, etc.
  • Automation of processes, i.e. description of requirements for IT solutions.