Business Recovery Services

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Business trouble can arise quickly and for a variety of reasons. Whether problems are triggered by the marketplace or internally, the price of not identifying and quickly moving to resolve business issues can put a company into crisis.

If this is your situation

  • You need to maintain credibility when the company’s performance is falling short of your expectations
  • You must preserve value when margins are shrinking and the share price is falling
  • You want to optimize recovery value from an underperforming business unit
  • You are facing potential or actual breaches of financial covenants
  • You need to stabilize working capital and cash levels
  • You are not receiving the right financial information on a timely basis to make informed decisions
  • You must control the company’s exposure to losses
  • You need to re-establish stakeholder confidence
  • You want to better understand the company’s prospective viability and what restructuring options are available
  • You are concerned about high non-performing loan ratio
How we can support you

Whatever the difficulty your company faces, our specialists can work with you to successfully resolve these issues. Expert support, combined with prompt, critical action, is the key to neutralizing the effects of a crisis. Properly identifying and addressing the causes of adverse circumstances are equally important in mitigating the risks at large.

Services we provide include the following:
  • Independent business reviews
  • Receivables management
  • Corporate simplification
  • Financial restructuring
  • Optimized exit services
  • Non-performing loan sales & analysis