Acquisition strategy

  • Pre-deal commercial and operational due diligence providing acquirers/vendors with a coherent overview of the business operations, for example supply chain, manufacturing and/or commercial activities
  • Financial and commercial due diligence, including target-specific market/industry related investment risks, strategic/market-related value-creating opportunities, the implications for financial performance and market valuation, and the impact on financial reporting (e.g., IFRS) for pre-and post-deal strategies
  • Integration planning for new acquisitions allowing you to take control by quickly assessing those key day one concerns and addressing them over the first 100 days; thereby promoting momentum and minimising the disruption to the business
  • Accelerating change through developing, implementing and programme managing detailed action plans to deliver value from the deal
  • Post deal/portfolio reviews generally undertaken 6-12 months after the deal to establish whether the initial objectives have been met and, if necessary, to identify how to get it 'back on track'
  • Carve-out planning which provides vendors/acquirers specific knowledge in addressing the whole spectrum of operational carve-out issues, for example service level agreements, transition service agreements and business critical risk identification
  • Exit strategy reviews