Korean Tax Newsletter

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 11

    - Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s Bill to Amend the Foreign Investment Promotion Act
    - Korea, China Sign the Social Security Agreeme
    - Rules Amended to Spur Corporate Investment in the Development of Enterprise Cities
    - Tax Rulings Update

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 10

    In addition to tax rulings update, this issue includes selected changes made to the government's tax reform proposals for 2012 which were released by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in August 2012.

  • Tax News Flash October 2012

    Supreme Court holds that heavy acquisition tax rate applies to the relocation of a head office in an over-populated metropolitan area to another such area

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 9

    This issue includes:
    - Proposed Tax Incentives to Develop the Service Sector
    - Amended Payroll Tax Withholding Table to Be Used in September 2012
    - NTS Administration Guidelines to Be Amended
    - Rulings Update

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 8

    This issue includes:
    - Proposed changes to Local Tax Laws
    - Lower Withholding Tax Rate on Dividends under Korea-Nepal Income Tax Treaty
    - Rulings Update

  • Tax News Flash August 2012

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 7

    This issue includes:
    - Amended Korea -Switzerland Tax Treaty Comes into force in July 2012
    - Aggressive Challenge against Tax Avoidance Targets Non-compliance of Offshore Bank
       Account Reporting
    - Retirement Benefits Scheme Overhauled
    - Rulings Updates

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 6

    This issue includes the new procedures for claiming reduced withholding rates under the tax treaties which are enforced on July 1, 2012.
    It also includes selected recent tax rulings on capital gains or losses on M&A or split-off, stock-based compensation for foreign company’s employees, etc.

  • Understanding mergers and acquisitions tax in Asia 2012

    The Mergers and Acquisitions - Asian Taxation Guide (now renamed as ‘Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions Tax in Asia’) was first released in 2002, providing our clients with some basic tools for understanding typical tax implications in M&A deals in the region. In this 2012 edition, our network of M&A tax professionals across the Asia Pacific region continues offering you valuable insights throughout the entire life cycle of the M&A process, from pre-deal negotiation, due diligence and tax structuring to post-deal integration.

    We have prepared a summary of 15 jurisdictions across the Asia Pacific region, highlighting key tax issues relevant to both purchasers and sellers in an M&A deal. This guide has been written using the extensive technical knowledge and practical deal experience gathered by PwC’s M&A Tax Services practice in Asia. We hope you find this publication an essential read when contemplating M&A transactions in the region. For inquiries of M&A tax in Korea, please contact Sang-Keun Song (sksong@samil.com) or Alex Jung-Hyun Lee (alexlee@samil.com).

    [Download]  M&A Taxation in Korea 2012   l   M&A Taxation in Asia 2012

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 5

    - Finance Minister Reveals the Government’s Plan to Extend R&D Tax Credits under Sunset
    - Korea, Poland to Amend Tax Treaty
    - Supreme Court Cases Applying Substance over Form
    - Supreme Court Decides Regular Bonus Can be Included in Ordinary Wage
    - Rulings Update

  • Tax News Flash 2012. 5

    Proposed Amendment in relation to the Scope of Services subject to Zero-rated VAT

  • Tax News Flash 2012. 3

    Amendment in relation to the Scope of Business Services subject to Zero-rated VAT

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 2

    - Latest Update on Working Rules of Tax Laws
    - NTS Tax Audit Directive for 2012
    - Supreme Court Addresses Issue on How to Determine a Foreign Organization without
       Corporate Form for Korean Tax Purposes
    - Request for Reassessment in relation to Accelerated Deduction for Government Subsidies
    - R&D Tax Credit for In-house-Manufactured Samples

  • Global FS Tax Newsflash - February 20, 2012

    How do the proposed FATCA regulations impact Insurers?

  • Samil Commentary 2012. 1

    This issue highlights selected proposed changes to the enforcement decrees of tax laws subsequent to the amendment of tax laws at the end of December 2011. It also includes major points of the National Tax Service business plan for 2012 including a change in its tax audit cycle.